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Smarter targeting

This product is designed to support charities maximise income from regular givers whilst responding to The Fundraising Regulations, and therefore becoming more targeted in their marketing.

It is a tool which segments your donors by assessing and making predictions at an individual level to help you understand their behaviour, informing your fundraising strategy and approach. It offers graphs and key stats you can share with the leadership team and Trustees. Ultimately it enables you to download targeted lists to support your marketing plans. It stops you contacting people when you could potentially disengage them and instead focuses your energies on where you are most likely to get the maximum return. This is good for your donors too as it means they might hear from you less, but it will be more relevant to them.

Currently in beta format for testing the tool will enable you to look at:

  • The churn of your donors - when have they stopped donating in their normal pattern? Who should you be reaching out to?
  • Who has the highest propensity to donate in any one period of time (defined by you) so you can message appropriately.
  • Who has the highest predicted lifetime value as a donor, so you can segment to offer a more bespoke engagement strategy for those with a high value to you and build a stronger relationship.